About Us

Welcome to the home of trusted scales expertise in Africa.

With over 200 years of combined experience, we’re the trusted scales and services providers to leading African brands. 

We could be yours too.

Who We Are

Mac Weighing Solutions’ international offerings cover the entire scales and balances spectrum, from laboratory scales and balances to the most complex weighbridge requirements, with service providers throughout Africa.

Our Mission

To provide the largest and most comprehensive range of weighing and balance solutions to African businesses, backed by unmatched expertise in our markets.

The company and its dedicated team are built on the foundations of integrity, respect, quality, expert guidance, and a commitment to efficiency, which has led to continued growth.


What we do

Retail Solutions

Whether you’re a Butcher, Baker, or Deli-owner, we offer the right weighing solutions to fit your growing needs.

Industrial Solutions

We’re driven by the success our industrial clients reach. From Agriculture to Fishing, Logistics or Quarrying, we offer leading expertise throughout the African continent.

Weighbridge Solutions

We offer a superior level of weighbridge expertise, and can supplyinstallcalibrateservice and repair across the whole of Southern Africa.


Verification Laboratory & Services

Our SANAS-accredited verification laboratory offers trusted scale and balance verification from 0.1 grams to 9999kg.


We supply the highest-quality replacement parts including a full range of load cells, box kits and external indicators.


Our service agreements ensure that clients enjoy maximum up-time and efficiency, minimising potential revenue losses


Our in-house repair team is made up of some of the most experienced scales technicians and experts on the continent.  

Custom Scale Manufacture

Our team are experienced custom scale builders, able to meet your exact requirements.

Mac Slicers

We offer a selection of the finest, Italian-engineered slicers and cutters and a range of optional extras to meet your exact slicing needs.


We offer around-the-clock telephonic and online support to ensure efficient solutions to the most difficult challenges our clients face.

Why Choose Us?

We’re the trusted weighing solutions provider for multi-national and local brands in your country. Here’s why they choose us, and you could too.

With dedicated service providers in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana, we offer the fastest, most far-reaching support and repair services, 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.

With over 150-years of combined experience across the entire scales spectrum, from the most precise laboratory solutions to retail solutions that add profit to your bottom line, or the heaviest-capacity weighbridges, we’ll be able to meet your needs.  

Our team ranks amongst the most highly-trained in the world, with an ongoing commitment to training and excellence to stay ahead of the pace of the latest technologies, ensuring we always offer the best solutions and services you can rely on

Some Numbers:

We’ve been blessed with success beyond measure, but here are some numbers:

1 +
Satisfied Clients
100 +
Projects Completed
1 K+
Services completed

What our clients say:

"Your team stayed with us all night to make sure we were up and running by opening time, and it felt like you were one step ahead, fixing problems before they arose.
That level of service isn’t something we’re used to, and it made all the difference."
Billy Blanks
CEO, jka
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