Laboratory Solutions

Laboratory Weighing Solutions

Laboratories require the most accurate and reliable solutions, where exactitudes matter most in both research and production environments.

Trust Mac Weighing Solutions to deliver the right solution to meet your exact needs, and help you deliver results that make a difference.

Micro NHB series

NHB150, NHB600, NHB6000

Features: ABS housing, Stainless steel top plate, LCD display with back-light, Under weighing (NHB600 / NHB6000), RS232, Windshield, Power: rechargable battery / AC adapter, Various weighing modes

Functions: percentage weighing, counting and accumulation

> Under weighing (NHB600 / NHB6000) > RS232 > Windshield > Power: rechargeable battery / AC adapter > Various weighing modes
NHB150: > Capacity: 150g x 0.001g > Plate size: 80mm diameter

NHB600: > Capacity: 600g x 0.01g > Plate size: 120mm diameter
NHB6000 Capacity: 6000g x 0.1g Plate size: 140mm x 150mm

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