Mining and Quarrying Solutions

Exacting accuracy, and reliable, efficient operations from extraction and processing to reclamation rely on efficient, built-for-purpose weighing solutions. Our custom-built solutions are light, robust, and made to last.

Belt Weighing Solutions

Single Idler Belt Weigher

A revolutionary single idler scale that delivers proven robustness, accuracy and reliability, tested 2000 tonnes per hour.

 – SABS tested.

 – Non counter-balanced due to light weight.

Dual Idler Belt Weigher

Based on the innovative design of the single idler scale, the dual idler belt scale delivers trade-level accuracy.

 – The longer weigh span offers higher tolerances for possible idler mis-alignment.

 – Designed with optional span-check facility.

Weighbridge Solutions

Standard Weighbridge

Our standard weighbridge measures 24 metres long by 3 metres wide, consisting of 4, 6 metre modular sections.

– Width and height can be fully customised.

 – The top deck is made up of 8 – 10mm thick steel plates. 

 – Standard height: 350mm from floor level.

 – The standard bridge holds a total of 10 digital load cells

Heavy-duty Weighbridge

For  severe load conditions, with vehicles weighing in excess of 100 tons, or heavy traffic in excess of 100 vehicles per day.

 – Width and height can be fully customised.

 – The top deck is made up of 12 – 16mm thick steel plates. 

Multi-deck Weighbridge

Four independent decks allow for weighing of seperate sections of the vehicle.

 – Single or group axle weighing to avoid fines due to overloading.

 – Each section rests on 4 load cells, with 16 load cells in total.

Rail Weighbridge

Our rail weighbridges are custom-made. Standard size is 15 metres, with 8 load cells placed at 5 metre intervals. 

 – Total weighing capacity: 100 tons.


Weighbridge options and supplemental equipment

Our bespoke approach to weighbridge manufacture means your solution will be based on your exact requirements, with options that include:

 –  Software

 – Remote maintenance management

 – Portable access ramps

 – Side guards

 – Solar power for remote locations

 – Tag-based vehicle identification for automated of semi-automated service

Weighbridge Maintenance Service and Calibration

Your  weighbridge is critical to ensuring ongoing operations. Our combined 150 years of experience, industry-leading response times, and superior service levels ensure your peace-of-mind. 

Maintenance and Service Contracts: Our clients enjoy  24-hour service, 365 days per year, at a preferred rate.

Our services, backed by leading expertise include:

 – Calibration

– Repairs

– Refurbishment and digitalisation

Silo Weighing Solutions

Our bespoke silo weighing solutions mean greater operational accuracy, minimising measuring errors, and helping ensure rapid reporting to boost efficiency and operational agility.

"We work in a highly-specialised industry but you understood what we needed to achieve, and the custom solution will meet ourneeds for years to come. Thank you for your insight and expertise, and going the extra mile."

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